Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Travel Trials....

 It's vacation time!!!  As I'm looking at the month ahead, I'm realizing I have a lot of planning (ie-shopping) to do.  From a week in the Keys with the boyfriend & his fam to a HUGE family reunion in Kentucky to a girls' getaway in my favorite city...I know I have a lot to think about & a lot to pack!!

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Honestly, I know I'm an awful packer.  Whether it's near or far, for one week or one day, I over plan & consider every possible weather condition or catastrophic event without taking a ton of consideration for fashion.  At the end of a week of packing, my suitcase still ends up looking more like a emergency evacuation bag than a suitcase prepped for a week of wandering Sydney or a night on the town.

(Apparently, I also think I'm going to do a triathlon each morning...why else wouldn't I pack 3 or 4 sports bras??)

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Sadly, this pathetic discovery about myself didn't happen until I was preparing to go to one of the top rated restaurants in Australia.  As I sifted through my hiking/travel clothes, I quickly realized my selection was terribly & sadly limited.  By that point, however, it was too late to shop and too late to drop the 20lbs necessary to borrow anything from my friend.

Although I enjoyed a fabulous meal that night, I couldn't help but feel like an out-of-place schlub in the midst of fine dining and luxury.  I swore that night I wouldn't be caught in that situation again, but alas, vacations have come & gone...and I have still managed to pack like a person who has won a 10 minute shopping spree in Goodwill.

So, as I start planning for a few weeks out, any suggestions on places to shop or easy travel outfits to wear??

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  1. for the summer, pack one or two dresses (shirt dress, sun dress, maxi, etc.) but, be SURE that one of them is a LBD that you can dress up with the right accessories and shoes (oh, and remember to pack accessories and shoes!!!) --A clutch purse is always a good thing to have as well--

    Try to bring some neutral pants/skirts/shorts so that you can wear them twice (or three times even!) with a different top, hat, shoes, etc--this way, you can adjust to local weather patterns and you don't have to have an outfit planned for every day of the trip which can save a little bit of realty space for extras like bangles, a hat or a nice pair of heels.

    that's about all i've got... for now!!! :)