Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Breakfast for Dinner

Working a 12-14hr shift lends itself to some dreaming... 

{don't worry, not saving any lives here}

...and right now, it's what I would be making for dinner if I was home right now.

Without a doubt, it would be BREAKFAST.

And these are even Gluten Free!!
My appreciation for eating breakfast at the wrong time of day started early.  Remember Disney Sunday night movies!?!?  That was the only night we were allowed to sit & eat in front of the TV, so you can imagine the excitement surrounding a night of Michael Eisner and scrambled eggs.

You can never go wrong with eggs...
Over time, breakfast on Sunday nights kind of became a tradition in our family....and honestly, it's something I want to carry on with mine one day.  

Just in case you really like eggs =)
But for right now, that dinner will have to wait. 

Instead, I'm still at work noshing on carrots, hummus, and the occasional handful of chocolate covered raisins.  But a girl can still dream...